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(FAQ's) Frequently Asked Questions

Get help. Find answers.

+   1.Why do I have to sell my 3D models at 3DImpEx.net ?

1.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

- 3DImpEx.net is community-based 3D model marketplace. Like nowhere else, its main principles are based on direct communication between a seller and a buyer, a company ensures direct money transactions for each purchase and guarantees up to 80% of the royalty rate.

+   2. How can I start selling my models?

2.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

Start selling your 3D models at 3DImpEx.net is a simple process with a few steps:

1. Create an account at 3DImpEx.net.

2. Upgrade your account with PayPal or 2Checkout email address.

3. Start uploading your 3D models.

It’s just a few minutes dividing you from being a visitor and becoming a seller.

+   3. Can I start selling my 3D models if I do not have a PayPal or 2Checkout account?

3.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

Only free your 3D models will be available for download without payment service.

+   4. How much does it cost to start sales at 3DImpEx.net ?

4.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

It is absolutely free of charge to start earning from your 3D models !

+   5. What is the personal information I have to disclose to 3DImpEx.net in order to begin sales?

5.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

3DImpEx.net is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. Your privacy is being taken highly seriously and any information will never be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone. The collected information is used only to enhance your experience on our site and for troubleshooting purposes.

+   6. Is exclusivity required at your marketplace?

6.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

No. Everyone is able to sell its 3D models elsewhere.

+   7. What does Authorized Seller status mean?

7.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

Authorized Seller status is given to a seller who has earned 3DImpEx trust and prove customers the reliability. 3DImpEx.net fully guarantees that Authorized Seller complies with the support and refund policies and provides the customers confidence in buying from any of them.

+   8. What are the requirements to become an Authorized Seller?

8.1 - Seller: How to Start Trading My Models at 3DImpEx.net ?

3DImpEx grants this status to a seller who meets the following requirements: is a registered member of 3DImpEx, has published at least 10 products in the last 90 days, has received at least 10 customer ratings, 80% positive feedback over the past 12 months and possesses no more than 1 negative rating for 50 sold products.

+   9. What is the most important, while uploading a 3D model?

9.1 - What Do I Have To Know Before Uploading My 3D Model?

Keep in mind the whole representation of a product. Everything matters: a detailed description, proper preview images, specified model formats and adequate price. As a seller you have to convince a buyer to choose exactly your model.

+   10. What are the best pricing strategies?

10.1 - What Do I Have To Know Before Uploading My 3D Model?

Although there is no single answer, we recommend to look at the similar models in the marketplace. Try to experiment with pricing a little bit by applying discounts or accepting the offers from buyers. Find out which pricing works for you the best. We also provide advice and information on 3D model pricing trends on our blog.

+   11. How should I prepare a scene for publishing?

11.1 - What Do I Have To Know Before Uploading My 3D Model?

You are pleased to archive your model or scene with all associated files and textures in one file (.zip or .rar is preferred). If you have multiple formats, archive them into separate files. Please make sure that a scene does not contain any unnecessary objects, that the objects and materials have proper naming, there are no missing files, and that all scene paths are correct.

+   12. Where can I upload scene textures?

12.1 - What Do I Have To Know Before Uploading My 3D Model?

Pack all your textures, scene and other associated files in one archive file (.zip or .rar is preferred). This way the customer will get everything in one place.

+   13. Is any maximum number of polygons I can use?

13.1 - What Do I Have To Know Before Uploading My 3D Model?

Number of polygons depends on a particular 3D model. 3DImpEx does not imply any restrictions for it.

+   14. What format and size is appropriate for a preview image to be uploaded?

14.1 - What Do I Have To Know Before Uploading My 3D Model?

Please upload only .jpg or .png image formats with resolution of up to 625x625 pixels.

+   15. How does your payment system work?

15.1 - How Do I Get Paid: Payment System

Once your model is sold, you get your money directly to your PayPal or 2Checkout account that you had to indicate, while creating your personal account on 3DImpEx. Yes, your money can be sent to your bank account.

+   16. What models are in demand for the most?

16.1 - How Do I Get Paid: Payment System

It depends on various factors. We constantly follow supply and demand trends of the marketplace and share the insights on our blog. Just follow for updates or out latest infographic on 3D model demand and supply.

+   17. Why should I buy 3D models at 3DImpEx.net ?

17.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace ?

Firstly, there is a huge digital library of 3D models to buy or download for free. 3DImpEx.net marketplace offers for you a direct interaction with a seller, enabling you to get any additional information, feedback, or tailored solution. We understand that the needs of 3D professionals are very diverse so we offer a free of charge file conversion service as well as custom job market, where those not finding the right model can post a tailored job offered and find the artist to complete it. 3DImpEx guarantees customers reliable service, lowest possible price and money back service.

+   18. Are these models real, physical items?

18.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

Sorry to say, but no. They are 3D models used in Jewellery. Even 3D printable models we sell on the marketplace are only the digital files serving as templates for 3D printing, but we do not print and ship these ourselves. 3DImpEx does not specify in selling physical items.

+   19. Do you have free 3D models?

19.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

Yes. You can search for them in 3D Warehouse.

+   20. Do you have rigged 3D models?

20.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

Of course! You can search for them in Warehouse.

+   21. I have just seen illegal content on your website. What should I do?

21.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

We take illegal content issues very seriously and are happy to hear about the problems noticed from the community. To report such cases you can:

inform 3DImpEx support team about the situation via writing an email to info@3DImpEx.net. Once notified our team will investigate the case and will get back to you as soon as possible.

+   22.What is the difference between Royalty Free and Editorial Licenses?

22.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

Products sold with Royalty Free Licenses can be used for commercial purposes with no additional liabilities, extra royalties or other license fees applied for multiple usage of the product and volume of the end product (e.g. .3dm and .stl files etc) incorporating the product sold. Products published on 3DImpEx may not be sold, given, or assigned to another person or entity in the form it is downloaded from the site.

Products with Editorial License, though not limited in multiple uses or any time restrictions, can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Allowed uses of products under Editorial License include but are not limited to educational purposes, personal projects with no commercialization plans, and uses in journalistic and otherwise newsworthy manner that serve public interest.

+   23. Do I get exclusive rights to use the 3D model when purchasing it on 3DImpEx?

23.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

No, the designer of the product keeps the right to the product and can determine how long the product is available for sale and can sell the digital files unlimited number of times. You, as a buyer of the product, however, are allowed to use the model multiple times in your projects, with no limits imposed on the time period or sales volume of final product such as .3dm and .stl files or any project incorporating the 3D model.

+   24. What should I do if I want to get exclusive rights for the product?

24.1 - Buyer: What Is Special About 3DImpEx Marketplace?

If you would like to get exclusive rights to the product found on 3DImpEx, you should contact the designer directly and discuss the conditions as the pricing of the product is likely to change. If the product has been sold prior to your agreement with the designer, the customers keep the right to use the model in the ways determined by the license valid at the time of purchase.

+   25. Can I get in touch with the author of the model?

25.1 - How Can I Find A Required 3D Model?

Yes, and 3DImpEx strongly encourages that! If you have any questions, contact on the author page.

+   26. I want to buy a 3D model, but I have some questions. Who can answer them?

26.1 - How Can I Find A Required 3D Model?

3DImpEx allows customers to contact a designer directly. Please, send your questions to the designer, you should contact the designer directly.

+   27. What formats the model is available in?

27.1 - How Can I Find A Required 3D Model?

All formats a specific model is available in are listed on the right side of an item page. If you have any questions about those, send a message to the author or to 3DImpEx team to clarify the situation before buying.

Please, note that if these requests are processed by 3DImpEx team and might take some time to complete.

+   28. Can the author modify the model based on my needs?

28.1 - How Can I Find A Required 3D Model?

The marketplace rules do not put any obligations on the author with regards to modifying any of his models . However, the designer community on 3DImpEx is really friendly and customer-oriented, so if you have specific needs, just contact a seller and he may help you on the request. You can do that by visiting the author’s profile and sending him a personal message.

+   29. I need a lot of models. How can I find and buy them easier?

29.1 - How Can I Find A Required 3D Model?

Looking for 3D models can be quite time consuming, especially if you need a number of 3D assets meeting specific criterion. We understand, and that is why our team is always happy to help you with such searches. If you simply need a bunch of models and help in finding the right ones, please, contact us and our team will respond you shortly.

Alternatively, if you have technical team at your side and need huge numbers of models for some integration, please, contact us.

+   30. What payments methods can I use for purchasing?

30.1 - How Can I Purchase A 3D Model?

If you a ready to purchase desired 3d Model/-s, there is an option to choose between 2 payment methods:

All sensitive data is processed via 2Checkout (Credit cards-VISA, Master Card, America Express, Discover, . . . ) a division of PayPal, Inc.

As an alternative to credit cards, you can use your PayPal balance to pay for the order.

+   31. The price is too high for me. Can I offer lower price?

31.1 - How Can I Purchase A 3D Model?

Sometimes you might like a model, but its price exceeds your budget. The Offer your price feature allows you to offer your own price for a specific 3D model to the seller. If the seller accepts an offer, you can purchase a 3D model at the lower price.

+   32. How do I download a purchased 3D model?

32.1 - After Purchase Questions

As soon as your purchase is completed, you receive an email from 3DImpEx.net with a link to download a product. It is valid for 48 hours. If you are unregistered buyer 3DImpEx offers to download a model immediately until a link is not expired. If you are registered user, a purchased model will be added in your My Purchases section. So you can download and access all files in one archive file (.zip or .rar) anytime.

+   33. Does 3DImpEx guarantee refund/money back service?

33.1 - After Purchase Questions

Digital files, especially of the 3D complexity and sources from community, can be corrupt for a number of reasons, and the refunds are issued evaluating each and every case separately. Generally, 3DImpEx guarantees refund only for products with serious defects, for models not matching description, with missing files, etc.

For more information please read our Refund Policy or contact support team via info@3dimpex.net.

+   34. I have bought a 3D model that meets my expectations. How can I rate it?

After Purchase Questions

You can rate a model * you bought on the item page bellow statistics. Also, you can Like or comment every model you find interesting without buying it.

+   35. I have bought a 3D model but I am not satisfied with it. What are my options?

After Purchase Questions

Firstly, you should contact the seller and ask if it is possible to fix it or help the model to meet your requirements. If situation does not change, you can ask for a refund. If you tried to contact the seller, but did not succeed write to Product support or get in touch with 3DImpEx team.

+   36. What do I exactly get after the purchase?

After Purchase Questions

Buyer gets to download ALL available file formats right after the purchase.

Available file formats are shown in every product page.

+   37. What is special about 3DImp community?

37.1 - Community: Why Must I Belong To?

3DImpEx is a marketplace that is actually based on a community. A team seeks to establish a vibrant 3D modeling hub for every 3D designer and to encourage the members to share the ideas and experience, to advise and create and build this marketplace together.

+   38. What I need to do if I can not Sign-up or Sign-in to your website?

38.1 - Community: Why Must I Belong To?

Firstly try another browser and if the problem persists, contact our support team at info@3dimpex.net.

+   39. How can I close my account?

39.1 - Community: Why Must I Belong To?

If you consider closing your account, please contact 3DImpEx support team to receive information about the further steps to take.

+   40. Why is it important to build your reputation?

40.1 - Reputation System: How Does It Work?

Building the reputation helps the community members to off their skills, achievements and talent in the best way. Moreover, reputation scores correlate with the position in the list of all the 3D designers at 3DImpEx. The more scores you have, the higher position in the list your profile gets. It is important, because it provides more visibility to fresh designers, it also helps to showcase the artwork easier and receive more attention from the buyers.

+   41. What reputation points are being given for?

41.1 - Reputation System: How Does It Work?

Each activity brings a distinct number of reputation points. Everything counts in: number of uploaded free and paid 3D models, rating, voting, comments, threads and answers in the forum, downloads of your models, sales and purchases of the models.

If you have any questions or comments about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at 3DImpEx, please contact us: Vestingstraat 59/15, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium. E-Mail: info@3dimpex.net We thank you for your business.


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