The easiest way to design 3d jewelry is to find out more about the things you like. The first step in designing custom jewelry is to develop confidence in your own sense of style, and the simplest way to do that is to view a wide variety of items in the genre you seek. If for example you were looking, begin by viewing a diverse assortment of necklace styles with a qualified designer who can help you define likes and dislikes.

Our skilled 3D jewelry consultants can explain gemstones, how they are set, and elements of design. Using a simple process of elimination, they will organize the thoughts and ideas so that you can form solid opinions about the styling and design that best suit your taste. Soon the traits to which you gravitate towards will become evident. At this point you will be well on the way to designing your own jewelry.

We are so confident in the custom jewelry design process that we create all of our customized 3D jewelry on approval. There is no obligation to purchase any design that we create until you are completely satisfied.

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